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Participation in conferences is a prerequisite for the preparation for the thesis defense. Like the article, this scientific work is intended to acquaint the scientific community with the results of research carried out in the framework of the writing of a master’s thesis, and also allows you to get approbation of theoretical and practical results. The brevity peculiar to conference theses sometimes complicates preparation, since these few pages need to be filled with up-to-date information and convincing arguments about the importance of the problem touched by the author. In other words, the thesis of the report should concentrate so much information in a matter of minutes to convince the reader / listener of the relevance of the chosen topic and interest him in the author’s approach to solving it. To achieve this goal allows the following sequence of presentation of the conference theses:

  • a brief introduction revealing the relevance of the problem;
  • literature review, where in a concise formulation the main views on the problem and its solution are presented.
  • alternatively, it is allowed to describe the problem on the basis of practice (the current situation in the field of activity);

The statement of the author’s judgments may contain criticism of the considered approaches, or substantiation of a new view, which, in his opinion, will allow finding ways to solve actual problems. The conclusions contain generalizations about the state of the problem, the prospects for its scientific or practical solutions.